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ചന്ദ്രനിലെ 'മുയൽ'

This is a book that points out certain superstitious customs and practices among Christians. There have been plenty of superstitions in the world from time immemorial. A very ancient superstition in India about the somewhat dark patch on the moon was that there was a rabbit on it. Even though it was most unreasonable to think so, this story has been handed down from generation to generation and it is part of the folklore of the country. Europeans have had their own superstitions about the dark patch on the moon. However, the invention of the telescope in the 17th century enabled people who wanted to know the truth, to understand that there was neither a rabbit nor a man on the moon and that it was certain physical peculiarities of the moon's surface that produced the appearance of a dark patch on it. We come to the conclusion that illogical thinking and lack of patience and willingness to examine things closely lead us to believe in superstitions. In the world of Christian theology these habits have led to the development of many foolish and unbiblical doctrines and customs. A typical example of these is the sacrament of the 'last unction' which consists of applying an ointment to the five sense organs of a dying person and praying for him so that his soul may be ready to leave the world. But a careful examination of the relevant Biblical passages shows that they deal with the means of curing a person of his illness and that they do not have anything to do with helping a person to be ready to face death. Application of oil to the body of a sick person and praying for his recovery is spoken of in the Bible, because in Palestine people from very ancient times have used olive oil as a disinfectant and as a major ingredient of several medicines prepared in the form of ointment. So what is spoken in the Bible about applying oil to a sick person, deals with the treatment for his illness and not with the possibility of his death. Misunderstanding of scripture has transformed prayerful application of medicine for the cure of illness, into a sacrament for the dying! This is explained in this book. Illogical thinking has given rise to many foolish theories in the field of science it is pointed out that the basis of the theory of evolution is illogical thinking and that it is the most unscientific among all the theories of science. A total of ninety five questions are given in this book as an appendix; it is found that those who oppose the concept of Trinity are unable to answer these questions. In short the book 'Rabbit on the Moon' deals with superstitions and unreasonable thinking  both in religion and science.


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