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ഭൂരിപക്ഷവും ന്യുനപക്ഷവും

പത്രോസിന്റെ സിംഹാസനം




പരിശുദ്ധാത്മ സ്നാനവും കൃപാവരങ്ങളും

ചന്ദ്രനിലെ 'മുയൽ'

അസത്യ സംമാർജിനി

യുക്തിവാദം ഒരു പരിശോധന

മൂന്ന് അത്യാപത്തുകൾ

സുരക്ഷിത ഡ്രൈവിങ്‌സ്


About Us

The Bible Study Centre, Mannuthy, Thrissur is an evangelistic association managed by a small group of born-again and baptized Christian believers who follow the doctrines and practices of the believers of the first century as recorded in the New Testament. Their teachings are more or less in accordance with the group of believers generally described as �Brethren� in the different parts of the World. This Bible Study Centre is the evangelistic arm of the church that gathers together at its office for worship on Sundays. Mr. T. John Mathew, who is in charge of its literary publications, has been its director since it started functioning in 1983. The main activities of this Bible Study Centre are these:

  1. Publication and distribution of Gospel leaflets and booklets like �Salvation the Gift of God� and books like TRIUNE GOD that deal with the fundamental doctrines of the Bible.

  2. Providing people who know the language �Malayalam� with the opportunity to study the Bible by means of a correspondence course known as �Adbhuthaprakasathilekku�, meaning, �Towards Marvelous Light�. This course consisting of six lessons enables a student to acquire a somewhat good knowledge about the fundamental truths of the Bible.

  3. Giving advertisements in Newspapers and thus attracting the attention of all people to the leaflets and books published by us.

We pray for the speedy evangelization of the whole world, the salvation of all the unsaved ones and the promised return of the Lord and the rapture of the church.

We hope to use this website as an important means of evangelization and teaching of the Word of God.

Fellowship with all born-again and baptized Christians

We consider it our duty to have fellowship with all born- again and baptized Christians who consider the fruit of the Spirit [Gal: 5: 22�23] the most important proof of one�s being a child of God [1. John 3: 14]. We welcome the co-operation of all like-minded children of God in our evangelistic activities.

Our Finances

The money needed for the work we are engaged in, is contributed mainly by the members of the Church who gather together at our office for worship on Sundays. We praise the Lord Who supplies us amply as He did to apostle Paul [Phil: 4: 18].

We are willing to let other born-again and baptized believers who have been benefited by our publications to contribute to our financial needs and thus have a financial share in our work, in addition to their prayer support and participation in our E-mail evangelism. Necessary information will be given on request to those who contact us for this purpose.

Request for Prayer

Our experiences have made us deeply aware that the verse, �Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour� [1. Peter. 5: 8] is very true. So we request our fellow brethren in all parts of the world to pray fervently for us and help us do our duties unhindered by the schemes of Satan.


Contact Us

Bible Study Centre
Mannuthy P.O.
Trichur, Kerala, India.
Pincode : 680651 [General purposes] [Bible Correspondence Course]

+91 8547371573
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